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CoolTank Project


We're transforming the cooling paradigm for servers and industrial mining operations, especially in extremely hot remote locations. Our solutions are efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly, offering superior overclocking with low setup and running costs.




The CoolTank Project is a pioneering initiative in the field of cryptocurrency mining, dedicated to revolutionizing the cooling landscape for servers and industrial mining operations. Born out of a need to solve overheating problems in air-cooled mining farms, especially in extremely hot remote locations, the CoolTank Project has grown into a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling technology




CoolTank Project offers:

  1. CoolTank 75KW: Capable of housing 12-14 miners. Features include +40% profit via overclocking, autonomous operation, no water connection, PUE ~2%, and plug & play sets.

  2. CoolTank 10KW: Designed for home use, this model supports 2 miners. Ideal for those looking to start their crypto mining journey.



We offer a full-cycle service, including:

  • Idea to running mining farm

  • Consulting services to support your operation in the MENA region

  • Designing and building a CoolTank tailored to your requirements




Join the CoolTank Project in revolutionizing crypto mining. Support the creation of our CoolTank 75KW and 10KW models. Your contribution, made in Bitcoin, will help us bring these innovative, efficient, and sustainable cooling solutions to the market. Be a part of the future of crypto mining.

Case Studies



Dive into our Case Studies and explore how CoolTank's innovative immersion cooling solutions are transforming crypto mining. Discover potential applications impact of our technology on efficiency and profitability.




Explore our Blog for the latest news, project progress, and crowdfunding updates from the CoolTank Project. Stay informed about our journey in revolutionizing crypto mining with our innovative immersion cooling solutions.

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