Two phase immersion cooling solution for efficient cryptocurrency mining

The CoolTank increases crypto mining profit by 40%+ and reduces cooling costs by 98%

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CoolTank 2.0

The CoolTank immersion module is being designed for cooling overclocked ASIC hashing boards. The CoolTank can operate in a closed room or outdoors at -25 to +55 degrees Celsius. A standard dry cooler, the small water pump is needed to run CoolTank even in the GCC region. Therefore, the system does not require tap water, expensive water chillers, water cooling towers or adiabatic cooling systems.


The CoolTank will be available for purchase with an enhanced cooling capacity of 75 kW., i.e. 12 units of Antminer S19 Pro or WhatsMiner M30S with 40% overclocking.

What are some considerations for choosing between single-phase and two-phase immersion cooling?


Several key factors are worth considering when deciding between single-phase and two-phase immersion cooling.


Single-phase immersion cooling systems feature simpler tank designs and easier fluid containment. Material compatibility and fluid hygiene are also fewer challenging in single-phase compared to two-phase immersion cooling.


Implementing passive two-phase immersion cooling systems enables greater heat transfer efficiency through the boiling process (through the liquid to vapour phase change) than single-phase immersion cooling, allowing for greater power densities with two-phase immersion cooling (up to 250-500 kW/tank). Furthermore, the cooling infrastructure required to support two-phase immersion cooling is typically less complex, as additional adiabatic cooling beyond a dry cooler is unnecessary.

CoolTank 2.0 - 2-phase immersion cooling mining tank
  • 98% energy savings on cooling
  • 40% mining profit increase
  • Preserve ASIC miner new condition
  • 1880 Th hashing power
  • 75 kW - maximum cooling capacity

How it works

Hashing chips are directly immersed in dielectric liquid in a sealed, but easily accessible tank where heat from chips causes the fluid to boil, producing vapor that rises from the liquid.

Fluid is boiled and condensed, exponentially increasing heat transfer efficiency

The vapor condenses on a heat exchanger (condenser) within the tank, transferring heat to facility water that flows outside of the crypto mining farm

2-phase immersion cooling scheme.png

Use case

Antminer S19 Pro

Antminer's latest models have a big removable heatsink screwed to the front side of each hashing board; however, heatsinks on the backside are welded and are not removable. Hashing boards without a front heatsink are very compact, and up to 12 miners Anitminer S19 (110TH, 3250W) can be installed by a client.

Antminer S19.png

x 12

x 36


1850 TH

54 kW

WhatsMiner S30_hashing board (front).png
WhatsMiner S30_hashing board (front).png
WhatsMiner S30_hashing board (front).png



Overclocking by 40%, or 528 Th provides hashing power of 4.8 additional free units of Antminer S19 Pro (110Th, 3250W) worth $8350x4.8=$40,080

Client additionally may purchase "Installation and startup service"

WhatsMiner M30S+

WhatsMiner's latest models luckily have a big removable heatsink screwed to the front side of each hashing board only. There are no heatsinks on the backside. The width of hashing board with chips and capacitors is 5 mm only. Therefore a client can install up to 14 miners WhatsMiner M30S+ (100TH, 3400W). 


Physically you can fit more, but an upgrade will be required to add: power busbars, signal cables, ethernet switches, new frame to hold hashing boards. So let's keep it for the following models of CoolTank.

WhatsMiner S30++.png
WhatsMiner S30_hashing board (wo hs).png
WhatsMiner S30_hashing board (wo hs).png
WhatsMiner S30_hashing board (wo hs).png


x 14

x 42


1960 Th

66 kW


Overclocking provides hashing power of 5.6 additional free units of WhatsMiner M30S+ (100 Th, 3400W) worth $8350x5.6=$46,760.

It's worth mentioning that miners used in 2-phase immersion cooling liquid remain clean and work in a safe environment without overheating. 

The designed cooling capacity of the CoolTank is 75 kW. This capacity is more than enough for currently accessible miners. In the future, miners will provide more hashing power (Th) and consume less electricity, but your CoolTank will be ready to work and provide extra profit due to overclocking. For example, imagine what you can do with Antminer S19 XP Hydro (255 Th).