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UAE Stake Pool

Meet Your New Income Stream

Who Are We

Become a UAE stake pool Delegator and Make Boundless Profits

Have you heard of crypto mining? If so, great. If not, allow us to educate you…

In a nutshell, crypto miners gain cryptocurrencies by solving cryptographic equations. Sound complicated? It can be – but it doesn’t have to be. Essentially, miners verify bitcoin transactions and record them on the public blockchain ledger. There is no centralized body through which the cryptocurrency has to go, and any user with an internet connection and mining hardware can participate and make valuable contributions to not only the mining community, but the crypto universe as a whole. Not to mention their own pockets. The most attractive perk is that you can build your crypto earnings as a reward for the work you do, making it the perfect source of income for people working from home.


What is Stake pool? 

Stake pool eliminates the need to buy costly ASIC miners, run a mining farm, or handle cumbersome repairs and maintenance. While there are countless other profitable pools out there, UAE Stake Pool empowers its users to mine ADA cryptocurrency for a profitable, reliable, and consistent source of income.

Why the Cardano Blockchain?

This proof-of-stake blockchain platform is the first of its kind to be built on peer-reviewed research and evidence-based methods. Cardano redistributes power from unaccountable structures to individuals, while operating as a positive force of change.

Ground-breaking technology means next-level security and sustainability for users, making the world a better place for the changemakers, visionaries, and innovators of tomorrow.

Why A Stake Pool?

Firstly, when you hold ADA on the Cardano network, you essentially own a stake – the size of which depends on the amount of ADA you have. You can earn rewards by delegating your stake to a stake pool, which means that you as the ADA holder can delegate the stake associated with your ADA to the stake pool. Even if you don’t have the skills needed to run a node, you can still participate in the network and enjoy attractive rewards proportionate to the amount of stake you delegate.

How Can Delegators Generate an Income?

The more you delegate, the higher the chances of it reaching the next block, and from there, all delegators of that stake will enjoy a fair share of the rewards. By choosing to delegate your stake to UAE Stake Pool, you won’t only be rewarding yourself – but the environment as well. UAE Stake Pool is an eco-friendly mining pool that lets nodes mine crypto in a much more sustainable way.


The more delegators we bring in, the more we can all share in the profits. So spread the word and join the community this month before you miss out on the chance to streamline your crypto wealth while leaving a better world behind for future generations.


Delegation is supported by Yoroi - wallet for mobile phone and Daedalus - a full-node wallet.

The rewards predicted by this calculator are only an estimate.


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