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Immersion cooling ready ASICs (SHA-256) are available?

All available miners on the market are made for air cooling; therefore, hashing boards are equipped with huge amount of heatsinks, i.e. Antminers S9 has heatsinks on both sides of each on three hashing boards. As Immersion cooling fluid is very expensive thus there’s the challenging to maximize the number of hashing chips covered by the fluid level.

Antminer S9 hashing board with heatsinks

Heatsinks removal process

Heatsinks are not required for the immersion cooling process, but takes valuable free space in the tank.

Heatsinks removal is a very tricky process. No one will guarantee that miner will work after. My experience shows that 2 or 10 miners survived. I also faced the problem that no one was able to fix damaged hashing boards.

I tried to source ASICs without heatsinks, but was able to find only two real options: 1) obsolete miner Avalon A1047L from Canaan and 2) Hornbill H8 Pro from StrongU

Avalon A1047L Immersion miner

I will continue to search for immersion miners.

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