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Professional PCB and Firmware Updates

Hello everyone,

We're excited to share some significant advancements we've made in The CoolTank Project. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has led us to some noteworthy developments that we believe will greatly enhance the performance and reliability of our CoolTank products.

Professional PCB Implementation

One of the major steps we've taken is the implementation of a professional Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Previously, we were using a custom PCB, but we decided to upgrade to a professional one to ensure optimal performance and reliability. The PCB is a crucial component as it connects all the other components together, including sensors, the Raspberry Pi, and Module Relays.

PCB Delivery and Assembly

We ordered the new PCB from JLCPCB, a reputable provider known for their high-quality products. The PCB was promptly delivered to us in Dubai, and we've successfully connected all the components together. This marks a significant milestone in our project as it brings us one step closer to our goal of providing the most efficient and reliable immersion cooling solutions in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Firmware Updates

In addition to the PCB upgrade, we've also made some important updates to the CoolTank firmware. We've updated the code to improve stability, ensuring that our CoolTank products operate smoothly and reliably. These firmware updates are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the performance of our products and provide the best possible experience for our users.

Remote Dashboard Access

We're pleased to invite you to view our remote dashboard, where you can see the performance of our CoolTank products in real-time. You can access the dashboard by following this link: Please use the following credentials to log in:

password: CoolTankUser.

We're incredibly proud of the progress we've made and we're excited about the future of The CoolTank Project. We'll continue to keep you updated on our advancements and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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