Main components

  1. Aluminum enclosure
  2. Exterior dry cooler
  3. Lid with glass 
  4. Inner tube condenser
  5. ASIC equipment holder
  6. Immersion cooling fluid


  • Internal industrial switchboard
  • Operation monitoring /logging hardware system (various sensors)
  • Internal standard electrics (cables and connectors)
  • Power supply for internal electronics

External heat rejection cooling system

  • Dry cooler
  • Circulation pump
  • Fittings and pipes for the supply and discharge of coolant, set

Automation system

  • Web User Interface (remote control dashboard) 
  • CoolTank software


The automation system collects the following data: temperature, pressure, humidity inside CoolTank 2.0, and relays allow you to restart the miners remotely.

CoolTank 2.0 immersion cooling tank (two-phase technology)

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